Intelligent Recommender of MOOCs — Irom

Expanding knowledge with MOOCs for life-long learning

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are emerging online learning offers for university students. Due to the large number of MOOCs provided by different MOOC platforms, it is quite difficult for learners to select the MOOCs best fulfilling their needs.

The goal of project Irom is to conceive, develop and test an intelligent MOOCs search engine. To this aim, the MOOCs textual description will be analyzed, for example by clustering the term-document vectors derived from the MOOCs descriptions and by using explicit as well as implicit feedback from the MOOCs search engine users.

Furthermore, the vocabularies of the textual MOOCs descriptions will be compared among the different MOOC platforms. The terms from the vocabularies will be associated with a set of study fields, such as computer science, business administration or art. This way, the emphasis on and proportion of study fields for each MOOC platform can be determined and compared among each other using statistic methods.

Irom strives to recommend MOOCs to students and learners for their needs